This page features excerpts from articles relating to Battery G which do not easily fit into any particular category.

Articles which provide contextual information, but do not specifically mention Battery G members, are also included. These often concern homefront issues.

Wanted Correspondence

A couple of Uncle Sam’s nephews, sporting brass coats and blue buttons who have fought bled and died for the dear Old Flag muchly, and are now ready to bleed and die for, some of the “dear girls” at home, offer their services as corrspondents. Photos exchanged.
N.B. Widows upon the shady slope of half a century need not answer this.
George T. Moore or
J. A. Willis
Battery “G” 2nd Ill. Lt. artillery
Columbus, Kentucky

SOURCE: Lane Register, June 4, 1864, page 3. 
[Note: These names must be pseudonyms, or a practical joke, for no such names appear on the rosters of Battery G.]

Ladies’ Aid Society

List of goods packed and forwarded by the Ladies Aid Society of Lane, to the Sanitary Commission on June 1st, 1864:
Seven double gowns; 24 pocket handkercheifs; 38 towels; 11 pairs of drawers; 22 shirts; 4 pillow cases; 2 work aprons; 32 papers corn starch; 5 lbs. crackers.
Donations of material for lint and bandages received from Mrs. Dawson, Mrs. Young, also from Miss and Mrs. Kershaw. Donations of socks from Mrs. Cook and Miss Anna Colditz. Also ink for marking goods from Mr. Putman.
Messrs. Boyce and McConaughey will please accept the thanks of the Society for boxes furnished, Mr. Ellinwood for marking the same.
E. A. Hughes, Sec’y.

SOURCE: Lane Register, June 4, 1864, page 3.

Our readers should bear in mind that Atwater, on Cherry street, has his Soda Fount in the full tide of successful operation, dealing out the delicious beverage at all hours of the day. You may also get a tip-top plate of Ice Cream there.

SOURCE: Lane Register, June 4, 1864, page 3.

Advertisement for a “Great Closing Out Sale” at Hathaway’s on Washington Street, Lane, Illinois, appears in the Lane Register, Oct. 15, 1864, page 3. [Perhaps the proprietor is related to Nathan Hathaway of Battery G?]

Advertisement for “R. A. Dusenberry, dealer in staple and fancy groceries and provisions” in Lane appears in Lane Register, February 4, 1865, page 3. [Is he perhaps related to Albert A. Dusenbury of Battery G?]