Battery G, 2nd Illinois Light Artillery, Newsletter

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Upcoming Events

Battery Ball

February 27, 2016, 7-10PM, Memorial Hall, Rockford, IL

The battery ball is schedule for the above referenced time and location. The physical address for Memorial Hall is 211 N. Main Street, Rockford, IL.

Questions about the ball may be directed at Audrey Konrad.

Old Events

Fall Meeting

November 23, 2014, 1:30pm – Byron, IL

1. Call to Order/Pledge: 1:30pm

2. By-Laws Amendments: Motion by Tom Lyons and second by Sam Ott to approve the By-Laws Amendments as previously submitted carried unanimously.

3. Board Elections: Because Major Henson’s resignation created a vacancy on the Board, elections were held for open positions. All persons were elected unanimously. The current term of the Board expires in February 2017. Here’s the entire list of the Board for your reference with newly elected positions noted with an asterisk:

  • President: Tim Tedrick*
  • Vice-President: Tom Lyons*
  • Secretary: Audrey Konrad*
  • Treasurer: Chris Cronau
  • Sergeant-At-Arms: Pat DeGeorge
  • At-Large: Doug Anderson
  • At-Large: Carol Normand*

4. Rank Elections

Persons who did meet rank points were Sgt.Estabrook and Cpl. Tim Carter. Motion by Jason Carter, seconded by Steve Boress to elect Tim Carter as Corporal passed unanimously.

Motion by Dave Eisele, seconded by Sam Ottto assign the ranks of Captain and 1st Lieutenant to the positions of President and Vice-President passed unanimously.

The election of a quartermaster was tabled to the Spring Meeting.

Motion by Sam Ott, seconded by Henry Vincent to elect Mike Patterson Commissary passed unanimously.

Motion by Tim Tedrick, seconded by Henry Vincent to name Wayne Henson Major emeritus passed unanimously.

5. Treasurer’s Report: Report submitted byChris Cronau. Bank account balance is$6,468.80.

6. Ordnance Report: 50lbs of unrolledpowder and approximately 100 primers areon hand.

7. Commissary Report: Commissaryattended 5 events. Henry Vincent commended Mike Patterson for Mike’s work with the Commissary.

8. Quartermaster Report: No report.

9. Bus Report: The bus preparations are under way. It is anticipated the work should be done by the Spring. Conversion work on the bus was recently featured in a TV report and two newspapers. Doug, Del and Phyllis Tedrick were commended for all their work with the bus project.

10. Event Schedule: Membership voted to secure commitments for 2016 events:

Late May Pontiac, IL (Living History): Usually a one day event. We have not heard yet from the organizers if they would like us back. If they want us to return,

we will do Mid-June La Porte City, IA (Living History): Final dates have not been set. It is likely other units will be participating this year.

July 9-10 Vandalia, IL (Living History): Dave Eisele has already made contact with the organizers.

Mid-September Batavia, IL: Date is usually the second weekend of September.

October 7-9 Perryville, KY: Registration is open. The Battery has registered 2 guns.  The cost of registration increases after January 1. Early registration is encouraged.

October 15, Byron, IL: Re-dedication of Soldiers’ Monument in Byron, IL.

11. Battery Ball: February 27, 7-10pm at Rockford Memorial Hall. Battery G attendees please RSVP to Audrey.

In addition, the Battery voted to commit to a ball in February 2017 and approved the expending of up to $1,250 for expenses.

12. Artillerist of the Year: Presented to Paul Rambow for outstanding contributions to the Battery both on and off the field.

13. Adjourned