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Civil War Sites

Civil War Treasures from the New York Hist. Society
Selected Civil War Photographs Home Page
– The Civil War Artillery Page


– This listing is no particular order; it’s not an endorsement of any of these merchants but in the past we’ve found that these folks offer decent merchandise at a fair price. I’ve also marked with an (MW) those vendors that are at many of the bigger reenactments in the midwest (e.g. Wade House at Greenbush, WI).
Civil War Lady
Clearwater Hats
Coon River Mercantile (MW)
Dirty Billy’s Hats
Fall Creek Sutlery (MW)
James County Mercantile (MW)
Mrs. Vincent’s Parasol Emporium
Quartermaster Shop
RK Lodges (for tents)
The Abraham Lincoln Book Shop
Period Eyeglasses (Eyeglasses Warehouse)


Midwest Civil War Civilian Conference
Lexington Rifles, Kentucky Volunteers
Camp Chase Gazette
Reenacting Safely with Artillery
The Authentic Campaigner