Welcome to the Battery G, 2nd Illinois Light Artillery, Home Page. Battery G, based in the northern Illinois area, is one of the premier Civil War artillery reenactment units in the country.

The picture above shows a cannon firing during our 2018 work with with the Freeport Orchestra during the 1812 Overture.

We also do educational encampments were displays and presentations run all day with various items like a telegraph, camp sutler,  washer women, and soldier displays.

For more about us, here is a video made at the Vandalia Lincoln Heritage Festival;
2015 Lincoln Heritage Festival – Battery G

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These Civil War era photographs show some of the men and their canons, or a scene of camp life.  Courtesy of the Library of Congress.



If you want to give reenacting a try, Battery G has a section of uniforms for adults and children to use.  Use the contact page to let us know how many people to expect and their approximate sizes, or for any other questions.  We also have tents for camping over night if you want the full experience.