Battery G, 2nd Illinois Light Artillery

"A battery of field artillery is worth a thousand muskets" General William Tecumseh Sherman



Battery Bylaws




7th Revision November 22, 2015


1. The name of this organization shall be: “Battery G, 2nd Illinois Light Artillery, Inc.” Hereafter, in this document, will be referred to as “The Unit”.

2. The Unit shall exist as an Illinois not for profit corporation. The Unit is not organized as a business, nor shall any of its members use The Unit as a vehicle for profit.


1. The purpose is to provide an organization for persons with an active interest in the American Civil War period, particularly the role of muzzle loading artillery.

2. Furthermore, it is the intent of the membership to provide living history demonstrations and reenactments of the Civil War era for the educational benefit of the public and the members themselves.

3. The Unit’s objective is to commemorate those who sacrificed much during the American Civil War in general and to honor those original members of Battery G in particular.

4. It is further The Units objective to encourage the preservation and display of Civil War artifacts and materials. In this regard, The Unit’s primary focus will be placed with field artillery pieces and their accouterments.

5. It is The Unit’s highest priority to meet these objectives both safely and authentically.

6. No individual, group, or organization can be allowed to control or interfere with the aims and purposes of this club, or their membership in this organization shall terminate immediately.


  1. Membership shall be open to all interested individuals regardless of race, creed, sect, gender, or national origin. There shall be four classifications of membership: 1) Military, 2) Civilian, 3) Dependent Minor, and 4) Honorary.
  1. Military members must be at least 16 years of age and willing to participate in Unit events as a uniformed member of Battery G.
  2. Civilian members must be at least 16 years of age and willing to participate in Unit events in period correct clothing.
  3. Dependent minors of members may participate in Unit events under the supervision of their parent, guardian, or such conditions as deemed appropriate by the Unit commander. Dependent minors may participate in a military capacity with the consent of the Safety Officer and the dependent minor’s parent or guardian.
  4. Honorary members may be designated as such upon recommendation of the Board of Directors and approval of the Unit.
  1. Military and civilian membership shall occur upon the recommendation of the Adjutant and the payment of dues. Military members shall automatically be designated with the rank of Private.
  1. Military and civilian members who have paid their dues and attended at least one event during the preceding year shall be entitled to vote in all matters before the Unit with the exception of votes regarding rank. Elections of rank shall be restricted to only military members who have paid their dues and attended at least one event during the preceding year.


  1. The Unit shall have a Board of Directors consisting of a President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Sergeant-at-Arms, and two At-Large members.
  1. The President shall be the principal executive officer of the Unit and conduct all business and affairs of the Unit subject to the direction of the Board of Directors. He shall preside at all meetings of the Board of Directors and the Unit, be the military commander, and hold the Unit’s highest military rank. He may appoint committees and chairmen of those committees at his discretion.
  2. The Vice-President shall fulfill the role of President in his absence. He shall hold the Unit’s second highest rank and serve as Adjutant.
  3. The Secretary shall record the minutes of all meetings, maintain the records of the Unit, be responsible for all Unit correspondence, regularly publish a newsletter for the Unit, and collected membership dues.
  4. The Treasurer shall be responsible for the collection and disbursements of the Unit’s funds, with the exception of dues membership, and maintain all financial records. The Treasurer shall be responsible for preparing financial reports for the meetings of the Unit and request audits of the Unit’s finances at intervals not to exceed two years.
  5. The Sergeant-at-Arms shall maintain order at meetings and serve as parliamentarian.
  6. The At-Large members shall consist of at least one civilian member. The civilian At-Large member shall be responsible for any necessary permission slips for minors as well as any necessary medical release forms for the members.
  1. A quorum of the Board of Directors shall consist of four members.
  2. Members of the Board of Directors shall be elected at the spring meeting of odd-numbered years to a two year term.
  1. A vacancy on the Board of Directors may be filled by appointment of the remaining members of the Board of Directors. The appointment shall last until the next regular Unit meeting.
  2. The President and Vice-President will lose their position on the Board of Directors if they fail to maintain their associated military rank.
  3. The Board of Directors shall meet at the discretion of the President, upon request of a majority of the members of the Board of Directors, and before the spring and fall meeting.

7. The Board of Directors shall appoint a member to each of the following positions.


    1.  Serves as main contact person for recruiting purposes.



  1. Maintains The Unit’s presence on the Internet.
  2. Reports to the Secretary.


  1. The Unit shall have at least two meetings every year. One shall be in the spring or late winter, and one shall be in the fall.
  1. Additional meetings may occur at sanctioned events if called by the President.

  2. Further meetings may occur upon written request of 10% of military and civilian members. Such a meeting requires a written notice to all members at least two weeks in advance.

  3. A quorum shall consist of 25% of members eligible to vote.

  4. Parliamentary procedure shall be governed by the most recent version of Robert’s Rules of Order insofar as it is not inconsistent with the by-laws.


1. The treasurer is authorized to disburse funds subject to the following limits:

Presidential approval: $250.

Vice President, Secretary or Treasurer approval $100.

Board of Directors approval: $500.

Vote of full membership: any amount

  1. Emergency funds, (such as bus breakdown en route to or from an event) can be approved by any officer up to a limit of $500.

3. A Unit sanctioned event will carry with it the authority to purchase such

consumable supplies as gasoline, gunpowder, friction primers, commissary supplies etc. This sanctioning will require the majority of the membership vote.


  1. The number of non-commissioned and commissioned officers will be determined by majority vote of the military members.
  2. Rank elections shall take place at either the spring or fall meeting.
  3. At all other times a rank position that becomes open may be filled through

brevetting. A military member is brevetted into a rank by selection of the promotion board. This promotion board consists of the commissioned officers and the company 1st Sergeant.

  1. The promotion board may promote a military member until the next regular

meeting, at which time the brevet holder becomes a candidate for the brevetted rank permanently.

  1. Once voted into a rank, the incumbent will hold his position indefinitely until one

of the following occurs:

A. The incumbent resigns.

B. The incumbent is voted out by the majority of the military members.

C. The incumbent obtains less than 50% of event points available in a year. A point is allocated one per day of attendance at a Battery sanctioned event during public hours. An additional point is available for being in camp prior to 8:00 AM of the first morning and staying with The Unit during public hours until the equipment is loaded on the last day if the event lasts more than one day. A point is also available for each work day. The Unit membership may decide to give double point value to events at the annual spring meeting. The purpose of double point events is to encourage attendance at certain events. Majority vote is required to designate a double point event.

D. The incumbent is promoted into a higher rank.

E. With regards to the President and Vice President they will lose their existing military rank if not reelected as President and Vice President.



A. Responsible for the overall supervision of The Unit.

B. Serves as The Unit’s highest ranking officer at all musters.

C. Attends the officers calls at reenactments in behalf of The Unit.

D. First in line in the chain of command.

E. Reports to the Board of Directors.


A. Serves as The Unit vice-commander and adjutant.

B. Reports to the commanding officer and serves as such in his absence.

C. First Sergeant reports to him.

D. Assign gun crews.

E. Plans daily camp schedules and prepares living history battle scenarios.

F. Supervises attendance keeping.

G. Responsible for acting as event coordinator.


A. Highest ranking NCO.

B. Responsible for the marching drill of the men.

C. Calls assemblies and formations and is the chief communication link from the officers to the enlisted personnel.

D. Issues daily duty rosters at unit musters.

E. Reports to the Adjutant.

F. All gun sergeants report to him.

G. Responsible for contacting members before an event to verify attendance numbers and is responsible for reporting to the Board of Directors the results.

H. Serves as Safety Officer.


A. Responsible for maintaining all company owned uniforms.

B. Responsible for cataloging all company owned equipment and such equipment that may be on loan to The Unit.

C. May keep a unit supply of basic personal artilleryman’s supplies and make them available for purchase by the members.

D. May serve simultaneously in other military capacity.

E. Not subject to the points’ requirement referred to in Article VIII, Section 5, Subsection C to maintain position.


A. Responsible for the maintenance of all commissary equipment.

B. Purchases and supervises preparation of camp meals and cleanup.

C. May serve simultaneously in other military capacity.

D. Not subject to the points’ requirement referred to in Article VIII, Section 5, Subsection C to maintain position.


A. Reports to the First Sergeant.

B. Senior Gun Sergeant is immediately after the First Sergeant in the chain of command and fills in for the First Sergeant in his absence.

C. Aids in the training of the gun drill and safety procedures.

D. Serves as the chief of piece and thereby assigns crew members to their positions.


A. Reports to the First Sergeant until assigned to a Gun Sergeant at a muster. Once assigned, the corporal reports to the assigned Gun Sergeant.

B. Serves as the number three man on the gun crew.

C. Serves as chief of piece in the absence of a Gun Sergeant.


  1. A set of rules and regulations governing uniforms, equipage, participation at events, dues structure etc. shall be written and accepted by the majority of the membership at a Unit meeting and shall not be a part of these Bylaws.


1. There shall be a lease agreement between The Unit and its members for all equipage utilized by The Unit but owned by individual members.

2. A member under the age of eighteen must have parental/guardian permission on file annually in order to participate in unit musters. A guest under eighteen years old must have parental/guardian permission on file for each event attended. Furthermore, both the member and guest must be accompanied by a parent or must have a parental consent form signifying the minor is under the custody of a specified attending adult who agrees to this in writing.

3. All members and guests must have on file annually, a medical information form and waiver of liability. Members and guests under eighteen must also obtain a signed medical treatment release.

4. All discharge of firearms in or near camp must first be approved by one of the company officers.

5. Expenses for a sanctioned muster will normally be paid from The Unit’s general treasury. In the event that the treasury is deficient of funds, those members attending an event may be levied a per person amount to cover the consumable supplies. i.e. commissary supplies, equipment transportation and ammunition.

6. There will be no underage drinking in camp in accordance with state or local ordinances.

7. Camp quiet hours are to be observed from midnight until reveille the next morning.

8. Camps are to be maintained in the proper period decorum. All modern items plus cans, wrappers etc. are to remain out of sight during public hours. Language in poor taste will not be tolerated.

9. No Unit member, dependent or guest under the age of sixteen shall carry, display or otherwise have in their possession any weapon, firearm or edged device with a blade length in excess of 4.125”.

10. A sanctioned event is defined as an event which has been approved and designated as such at a formal Battery meeting.

11. A makeup event is defined as an event which has been approved and designated as such at a formal Battery meeting and carries with it one attendance point toward rank retention and may also carry with it limited financial responsibility.

12. No one who has used alcohol within the previous 8 hours may participate in the discharge of a gun.


  1. Once a violation of the Unit’s rules are brought to the attention of a member of the Board of Directors, the Board of Directors shall take action to correct the violation that can include verbal or written warnings, or expulsion from the Unit.

  2. If the violation involves the safety of other people, the senior military member present may take immediate similar actions including expulsion from the event.


1. This organization may dissolve itself voluntarily by resolution of the Board of Directors and a 2/3 majority vote of the full membership.

2. A resolution for dissolution must be announced to the membership in writing at least thirty days in advance of the meeting.

3. The assets shall be dissolved as follows:

A. All items on loan to The Unit or leased to The Unit will be returned to the owner.

B. All liabilities and obligations shall be paid.

C. Remaining assets will be dispersed upon the majority vote of those members at the dissolution meeting.


1. The bylaws may be amended at one of the two regular meetings or a meeting called for the express purpose of amending the bylaws.

2. Any bylaw changes must be communicated in writing to the membership prior to the meeting of consideration.

3. Any bylaw change must first be presented to the Board of Directors for their consideration.

4. A vote of 2/3 of the members present is required for passage of an amendment.


Milton 2016

Here are photos provided by battery member Paul Rambow.

Lombard 2015-16

Here are photos provided by battery member Paul Rambow.

Bishop Hill 2015

Photos provided by battery member Paul Rambow

Batavia 2015

Here are photos provided by battery member Paul Rambow.

March 2016 Battery Rag

Battery Rag

Editor: Audrey Konrad Phone: 815-762-2442 email address:

Battery G, 2nd Illinois Light Artillery, Newsletter

Facebook page: “Battery G, Civil War Reenactors”

“Great battles are won with artillery” – Napoleon

Battery website:

March 15, 2016

Upcoming Events

Spring Meeting March 20, 2016,

Byron Museum, 116 N. Union St.,

Start time is promptly at 1:30pm.

A ballot for the 2016 events is attached.  Please vote for the events you plan to attend.

Indicate full weekend or day trips. Please do not include events you have doubts about attending. These votes help us determine gun crews and how many gun to register for events. They help us commit to event hosts for planning purposes and help us negotiate If you cannot attend the Spring Meeting, consider emailing or calling Audrey Konrad prior to the meeting with your ballot votes: 815-762-2442.

Galena, IL, Reenactment

April 23-24, 2016

Individual registrations are due to Audrey Konrad by the close of the Spring Meeting.

Galena event hosts kindly extended the due date to accommodate our meeting. Fill out attached form if you plan to attend.

Perryville, KY, National Reenactment

October 6-9, 2016

Must register online by September 22, 2016:

Equipment Repairs/Work Day:

Guns, limbers, and accoutrements need annual and deferred maintenance, including cleaning, polishing, painting. Also power washing the gun barrels. The wheel alignment issue will require trial and error wheel rotations to achieve improvements.

Work day location to be determined.

Preference 1 is for Blackhawk Technical College in Janesville, WI, where all guns and equipment can be gathered together and members can receive training on the new bus systems.

Preference 2 is at Paul Anderson’s in Beloit, WI.

Vacant Position:

Civilian Member- At-Large Carol Normand resigned from the Board. The Board is seeking nominations to fill the vacant board position.

Motion to approve calendar of events for 2017. Lyons/DeGeorge. Approved.

Motion to adjourn: 2:29pm. Tedrick/Lyons.

2016 Membership Dues

$35 for individual membership. $50 for family membership. Submit dues at the Spring Meeting or make checks payable to

“Battery G” and mail to Audrey Konrad,1488 N. 39th Rd, Earlville, IL, 60518.

Old Events

Spring Board Meeting,

March 13, 2016. Minutes:

Attendees: Tim Tedrick, Tom Lyons, Chris Cronau, Audrey Konrad, Patrick DeGeorge.

Board Reports:

Recruiting: One individual at the Battery Ball requested recruit information.

Finance: $6359.96 balance; no pending bills.

Ordinance: No powder was used since the fall meeting. There are between 25 to 50 lbs of powder in storage.

Mortar Sale: Pending physical transfer of mortar (w/ 10lbs powder) and receipt of $900.

Commissary: Mike Patterson was elected at the Fall Meeting.

Ball Report: 2016 Ball had 142 attendees (85 prepaid) and brought a profit of $417.74.  Reference submitted 2016 Ball report. Last year’s 2015 Ball had 81 attendees (1 prepaid) and broke even at $1,118.40 to fully pay expenses (thanks to some generous donations by battery members).

Bus Report: Completion date projected for early May. Installed hardware includes a three ramp design with permanently mounted ramps that fold up at the back of the bus. Ramps are light and easily lifted by a single individual. One gun has been delivered to for testing bus dimensions and installed hardware.


Keeping a Cool Head

Soldiers took steps to stay in uniform and stay comfortable.  Even General officers took measures to beat the heat as attested by the Slouch Hat Worn by Gen. Banks.

Battery Rag

Battery G, 2nd Illinois Light Artillery, Newsletter

Editor: Tom Lyons Phone: 608 247-4750 email address:


Upcoming Events

Battery Ball

February 27, 2016, 7-10PM, Memorial Hall, Rockford, IL

The battery ball is schedule for the above referenced time and location. The physical address for Memorial Hall is 211 N. Main Street, Rockford, IL.

Questions about the ball may be directed at Audrey Konrad.

Old Events

Fall Meeting

November 23, 2014, 1:30pm – Byron, IL

1. Call to Order/Pledge: 1:30pm

2. By-Laws Amendments: Motion by Tom Lyons and second by Sam Ott to approve the By-Laws Amendments as previously submitted carried unanimously.

3. Board Elections: Because Major Henson’s resignation created a vacancy on the Board, elections were held for open positions. All persons were elected unanimously. The current term of the Board expires in February 2017. Here’s the entire list of the Board for your reference with newly elected positions noted with an asterisk:

  • President: Tim Tedrick*
  • Vice-President: Tom Lyons*
  • Secretary: Audrey Konrad*
  • Treasurer: Chris Cronau
  • Sergeant-At-Arms: Pat DeGeorge
  • At-Large: Doug Anderson
  • At-Large: Carol Normand*

4. Rank Elections

Persons who did meet rank points were Sgt.Estabrook and Cpl. Tim Carter. Motion by Jason Carter, seconded by Steve Boress to elect Tim Carter as Corporal passed unanimously.

Motion by Dave Eisele, seconded by Sam Ottto assign the ranks of Captain and 1st Lieutenant to the positions of President and Vice-President passed unanimously.

The election of a quartermaster was tabled to the Spring Meeting.

Motion by Sam Ott, seconded by Henry Vincent to elect Mike Patterson Commissary passed unanimously.

Motion by Tim Tedrick, seconded by Henry Vincent to name Wayne Henson Major emeritus passed unanimously.

5. Treasurer’s Report: Report submitted byChris Cronau. Bank account balance is$6,468.80.

6. Ordnance Report: 50lbs of unrolledpowder and approximately 100 primers areon hand.

7. Commissary Report: Commissaryattended 5 events. Henry Vincent commended Mike Patterson for Mike’s work with the Commissary.

8. Quartermaster Report: No report.

9. Bus Report: The bus preparations are under way. It is anticipated the work should be done by the Spring. Conversion work on the bus was recently featured in a TV report and two newspapers. Doug, Del and Phyllis Tedrick were commended for all their work with the bus project.

10. Event Schedule: Membership voted to secure commitments for 2016 events:

Late May Pontiac, IL (Living History): Usually a one day event. We have not heard yet from the organizers if they would like us back. If they want us to return,

we will do Mid-June La Porte City, IA (Living History): Final dates have not been set. It is likely other units will be participating this year.

July 9-10 Vandalia, IL (Living History): Dave Eisele has already made contact with the organizers.

Mid-September Batavia, IL: Date is usually the second weekend of September.

October 7-9 Perryville, KY: Registration is open. The Battery has registered 2 guns.  The cost of registration increases after January 1. Early registration is encouraged.

October 15, Byron, IL: Re-dedication of Soldiers’ Monument in Byron, IL.

11. Battery Ball: February 27, 7-10pm at Rockford Memorial Hall. Battery G attendees please RSVP to Audrey.

In addition, the Battery voted to commit to a ball in February 2017 and approved the expending of up to $1,250 for expenses.

12. Artillerist of the Year: Presented to Paul Rambow for outstanding contributions to the Battery both on and off the field.

13. Adjourned

Battery Rag

Battery G, 2nd Illinois Light Artillery, Newsletter

Editor: Tom Lyons
Phone: 608 247-4750 email address:
Battery website:
Facebook page: “Battery G, Civil War Reenactors
“Great battles are won with artillery” – Napoleon
November 15, 2015

Upcoming Events

Fall Meeting, November 22, 2015 –
Byron Theater/American Legion Hall

Start time is promptly 1:30. Materials for the meeting will be sent out after the Board meeting.
The street address is 116 N. Union Street in Byron.

Agenda, Treasurer’s Report, and proposed By-Laws amendments are attached.

Major Henson Retirement Party,
November 22, 2015 – Byron
Theater/American Legion Hall

Please help us celebrate the amazing reenacting career of Major Wayne Henson.
The start time is 3:30.
Again, please share with others who might not receive the Rag.

Old Events

Board Meeting, November 15, 2015 –
Rockford, IL

Attendees: Tim Tedrick, Tom Lyons, Chris Cronau, Patrick DeGeorge, Doug Anderson, and Audrey Konrad

1. Recruiting Report: No report
2. Treasurer’s Report: Report submitted and will be available at Battery meeting. There is a balance of $6,468.80.
3. Ordnance Report: We ended the season with a powder and primer surplus.
4. Commissary Report: Report received. To be discussed at the Fall Meeting.
5. Equipment repairs: Several projects were discussed. Nearly everything needs paint and the general maintenance normally performed will go back to the top of the priority list since the bus project is mostly done on our end.
6. Bus Report: Construction on the bus continues. The school has secured some donations for the materials needed. It is anticipated the final costs will be around $1,500 but it is unclear at this point how much will be offset by donations to the school.

Motion was made and carried unanimously to quitclaim the bus used by Wayne to store his items on Wayne’s property to Wayne.

Motion was made and carried unanimously to change the registration information for the remaining busses to Chris Cronau’s work address.

7. Artillerist of the Year Award
8. By-Law Changes – The changes were discussed and the recommended amendment is attached with the Rag.
9. The Battery Ball – Plans are underway.
Audrey would like a Battery vote at the Fall Meeting to commit to a ball for February of 2017.
10. Website Maintenance – The battery has a new website. Bil, we believe, is in the process of securing the old address as well as maintaining the current location.
11. Major Henson Retirement Party – All the plans and preparation are taken care of. Del
and Phyllis Tedrick are coordinating the event. Invitations have been sent out.
12. Possible 2016 Events:

  • Pontiac Living History
  • La Porte City, IA Living History. The event will likely be expanded and other units might be involved.
  • Vandalia, IL Living History.
  • Batavia Living History.
  • Perryville Reenactment

13. Adjournment

Other Stuff

The bus project has received some press attention. Here’s a Channel 23 from Rockford report about the bus project:
And here’s a story from the Beloit newspaper:
Doug Anderson, Ray Ott, Del Tedrick, and Paul Anderson have done a great job of coordinating this effort. Hopefully, we will get to use it next season.

I lack the technical understanding to adequately explain this, but the Battery website is available at and the old website at is not available. Thanks to Bil Jeschke for making sure we have a website.

Finally, registration for Perryville is open. Individuals need to register if they are interested in attending. The Battery has two guns registered. To register, go here:
Current registration is $12 per individual and then rises to $20 after January 1.

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