Someday, we hope to have information on ALL of the soldiers that served the battery during the war. If you can help by providing us with additional information, please let us know by contacting us and put “Battery G” in your subject line. Thanks for your interest and support!

Adrian, James

Churchill, Samuel J

Clothier, Salmon

Garst, Samuel S.

Goodwin, John C.

Hall, Alfred

Harris, Erastus

Harmon, Rollin G.

Hathaway, Nathan R.

Heath, Corydon

Hemingway, Hanniah W.

Ingalls, John

Lewis, Isaac A.

Loveridge, Jefferson S.

McCauley, Thomas

Mellberg, Charles J.

Padgett, Robert M.

Richards, Price A.

Schoonmaker, John

Scutt, Hiram B.

Sherburne, Albert

Sherburne, Benjamin F.

Steele, Joseph M.

Stout, Benjamin

Thorp, James A.

Weitig, Charles G.

Werner, William