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At varying times, Battery G was equipped, re-equipped, or was using the following types of cannons.
The number in superscript following the type of cannon indicates the
source for the information (see list following table).

Dec. 1861 – unknown 2 Napoleans and 4 Rodmans 2 6
Jan. 18, 1862 – unknown the above guns were probably received at this time
June-Dec. 1863 6 pounder bronze gun model 1840-41, rifled

(James rifle) 1

May 1864 6 pounder bronze gun model 1840-41, rifled

(James rifle) 1

May 1864 Model 1861 (3 inch) Ordnance rifle 1 4
Ordnance reports show 8 guns, as above, in May 1864.

Probably temporary.

May 22, 1864 recruited to a 6 gun battery 4 6
July 29, 1864 – unknown received 2 12-pdr. Napoleans  6 ?
Dec. 15, 1864  Type of guns not mentioned.5 6
Dec. 15, 1864 At least one of the guns was a 12-pdr. Napolean 6
April 1865 10 pounder Parrott rifles 3 4
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Record Group 156. National Archives Microfilm Publication M1281. Roll 1,
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2. Illinois-Vicksburg Military Park Commission. Illinois at Vicksburg.
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Ammunition Issued

Ammunition issued, according to “Summary Statements of Quarterly Returns of Ordnance and Ordnance Stores on Hand in Regular and Volunteer Army Organizations, 1862-1867.” Record Group 156. National Archives Microfilm Publication M1281. Roll 1, Artillery Organizations:

Report for second quarter, ending June 30, 1863 (submitted Dec. 4, 1863).
100    12-pdr. Wiard canister, 3.67 bore (Hotchkiss)
1265   6-pdr. James cartridges
1645   friction primer
955     assorted paper fuzes

Report for third quarter, ending Sept. 30, 1863 (submitted Feb. 4, 1864).
110    12-pdr. Wiard percussion shell, 3.67 bore
955    12-pdr. Wiard fuze shell, 3.67 bore
100    12-pdr. Wiard canister

Report for fourth quarter, ending Dec. 31, 1863 (submitted May 23, 1864).
566    Hotchkiss shell, time fuze, for 20-pdr. Parrott & 12-pdr. Wiard guns, 3.67 bore.
80      canister, Hotchkiss, for 20-pdr. Parrott & 12-pdr. Wiard guns, 3.67 bore
746    6-pdr. field gun shot & spherical case cartridge bags
566    assorted paper fuzes
895    friction primers

Ordnance Equipment Issued

An example of some of the equipment carried by a battery on the march
according to the report for the second quarter, June, 1863:

1 traveling forge
1 battery wagon
3 felling axes
4 6 pdr. James gun breech sights
4 iron tar buckets for field gun
1 wood bucket for forge
11 (18?) leather buckets for watering
4 cannon spikes
11 gunner’s gimlets for field gun
8 gunner’s haversacks
5 gunner’s pincers
13 handspikes, trail, for field gun
10 (11?) sets of harness for 2 wheel horses
20 sets of harness for 2 lead horses
11 common tin lanterns
8 lanyards for friction primers
45 (95?) nose bags
4 pick axes
5 (8?) priming wires, field
4 prolonges
6 cast steel shovels or spades
4 shovels, long handled
8 sponge covers, 6-pdr. gun
8 tarpulins, 12×15
8 thumbstalls
10 tow hooks
8 tube pouches
4 vent covers
4 vent punches
40 whips
3 worms & staves, field guns
1 battery wagon stocks
22 packing boxes
2 1 gal. tin cans
2 2 gal. tin cans
1 5 pds. paint (tin)
2 25 pds. paint (tin)

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