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March 15, 2016

Upcoming Events

Spring Meeting March 20, 2016,

Byron Museum, 116 N. Union St.,

Start time is promptly at 1:30pm.

A ballot for the 2016 events is attached.  Please vote for the events you plan to attend.

Indicate full weekend or day trips. Please do not include events you have doubts about attending. These votes help us determine gun crews and how many gun to register for events. They help us commit to event hosts for planning purposes and help us negotiate If you cannot attend the Spring Meeting, consider emailing or calling Audrey Konrad prior to the meeting with your ballot votes: 815-762-2442.

Galena, IL, Reenactment

April 23-24, 2016

Individual registrations are due to Audrey Konrad by the close of the Spring Meeting.

Galena event hosts kindly extended the due date to accommodate our meeting. Fill out attached form if you plan to attend.

Perryville, KY, National Reenactment

October 6-9, 2016

Must register online by September 22, 2016:

Equipment Repairs/Work Day:

Guns, limbers, and accoutrements need annual and deferred maintenance, including cleaning, polishing, painting. Also power washing the gun barrels. The wheel alignment issue will require trial and error wheel rotations to achieve improvements.

Work day location to be determined.

Preference 1 is for Blackhawk Technical College in Janesville, WI, where all guns and equipment can be gathered together and members can receive training on the new bus systems.

Preference 2 is at Paul Anderson’s in Beloit, WI.

Vacant Position:

Civilian Member- At-Large Carol Normand resigned from the Board. The Board is seeking nominations to fill the vacant board position.

Motion to approve calendar of events for 2017. Lyons/DeGeorge. Approved.

Motion to adjourn: 2:29pm. Tedrick/Lyons.

2016 Membership Dues

$35 for individual membership. $50 for family membership. Submit dues at the Spring Meeting or make checks payable to

“Battery G” and mail to Audrey Konrad,1488 N. 39th Rd, Earlville, IL, 60518.

Old Events

Spring Board Meeting,

March 13, 2016. Minutes:

Attendees: Tim Tedrick, Tom Lyons, Chris Cronau, Audrey Konrad, Patrick DeGeorge.

Board Reports:

Recruiting: One individual at the Battery Ball requested recruit information.

Finance: $6359.96 balance; no pending bills.

Ordinance: No powder was used since the fall meeting. There are between 25 to 50 lbs of powder in storage.

Mortar Sale: Pending physical transfer of mortar (w/ 10lbs powder) and receipt of $900.

Commissary: Mike Patterson was elected at the Fall Meeting.

Ball Report: 2016 Ball had 142 attendees (85 prepaid) and brought a profit of $417.74.  Reference submitted 2016 Ball report. Last year’s 2015 Ball had 81 attendees (1 prepaid) and broke even at $1,118.40 to fully pay expenses (thanks to some generous donations by battery members).

Bus Report: Completion date projected for early May. Installed hardware includes a three ramp design with permanently mounted ramps that fold up at the back of the bus. Ramps are light and easily lifted by a single individual. One gun has been delivered to for testing bus dimensions and installed hardware.